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The Crossover podcast welcomes Pablo Laso

Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Real Madrid head coach, Pablo Laso, is the latest guest of his former teammate, Joe Arlauckas, on The Crossover podcast.

Laso, who continues to hold Spanish League records from his 18-year playing career, including the most assists ever in that competition, has had even better success as a coach, leading the “Whites” to 16 different trophies in his eight seasons on the bench.

“When you talk about championships, of course, you’re very proud of what you get, as a coach and as a team, but for me, the best recognition is the people. When you go to el palacio to watch a game, you see all the people who support the team, every game is packed, the atmosphere.

And even away from Spain people recognize yours as a great team, a team they love to watch. You go to Tel Aviv, and people say ‘I love to watch your team.’ That recognition for me is even better than the titles,” Laso said. 

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