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Valmiera 9th team of Baltic League

ImageAs it was made known today, the Latvian club "Valmiera" will be the ninth club of the upcoming Baltic League, out of total 10 teams.

Valmiera will be the third club from Latvia to participate in BBL Elite Division, after BC Ventspils and VEF Riga.

The decision upon the remaining one club will be made by LBS (Latvian Basketball Association) by tomorrow, based on proposals from LBL (Latvian Basketball League). the likely candidates are Riga Barons and AUC.

The list of the BBL clubs so far:

1. Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius
2. Žalgiris Kaunas
3. BC Šiauliai
4. BC Nevežis
5. BC Kalev/Cramo
6. TÜ/Rock
7. BC Ventspils
8. VEF Riga.
9. Valmiera
10. Unknown 

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