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Rimas Kurtinaitis takes over Khimki

Photo: bckhimki.ru

As the club announced today, Rimas Kurtinaitis is the new head coach of Khimki and will replace Giorgos Bartzokas.

Kurtinaitis was the coach of Khimki from 2011 until 2016. When he parted ways with the club, he coached Cantu and Rytas Vilnius.

For his part, Bartzokas took over Khimki in 2017 and signed a two-year contract. He led the squad to the EuroLeague playoffs last season.

Khimki currently has a 7-12 record in the EuroLeague and an 11-2 one in the VTB League, as the team is also struggling with injuries to key players (Alexey Shved, Anthony Gill).

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