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Cajasol fought for the win against Pamesa

ImageBut it couldn't be this time. Cajasol will still have to wait another round to get the second win this season. At least, this time they played quite well, fighting for the game, but Kosta Perovic was too mucho for the poor inside game of the sevillian team. It was the first game without Comas in the bench.

The game started very well for Cajasol. Seven consecutive points for the team and it seemed this time was a different story on the court. There was passion, a real desire to win. Unfortunately, it took Pamesa five minutes fo get into the game, and hurting inside with a great player like Kosta Perovic made things easier for the visiting team. Cajasol have a very big problem inside the zone, since Mile Ilic, the so-called "tower" to defend big men, didn't even play a single minute. This way, all teams know how to make easy baskets, and hoy to start to create holes inside the paint, and enough room for their shooter to score from beyond the arc.
Photo – Alberto P?©rez Reyes (TalkBasket.net)

Cajasol stayed with only seven points for some minutes, while Pamesa was scoring time after time, to finish first quarter 9-15. Tyus Edney seemed quite lost, something normal for a player which had only few days to know his teammates.

The second quarter showed both teams scoring regularly. Grat Michal Ignerski took the leadership of his team, while Avdalovic started to hit three-pointers which made impossible for Cajasol to get close to Pamesa. Perovic was still being a force inside, while nobody coudl stop him. So first half ended 27-38.

Photo – Alberto P?©rez Reyes (TalkBasket.net)

Last twenty minutes were something that most of people had forgotten here in Seville. While third quarter finished with eleven points of advantage for Pamesa, last one  was even exciting. Cajasol made it to be only one point behind their rival, thanks to Andre Pecile and Ty Ellis, both of them scoring from the outside, but Pamesa managed to keep the game on their pocket thnkas to a killer three-pointer by Shammond Williams, which cut all the hopes out of the hearts there in San Pablo.

Anyway, this game showed that this team has a soul, and with hard work, things will finish sweet for the team one more year. At least that's what we hope.

69 – Cajasol (9+18+20+22): Edney (-), Pecile (10), Ignerski (13), Carter (15), Triguero (8) -starting five-, De Miguel (2), Rivero (4), Ellis (8), Miso (6), Savanovic (3)

74 – Pamesa Valencia (15+23+20+16): Williams (5), Martínez (3), Claver (4), Miralles (10), Perovic (20) -starting five-, Douglas (5), Pietrus (4), Kuqo (6), Oliver (9), Avdalovic (8)

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