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Tau was too much for Cajasol, again

Cajasol Seville got their sixth defeat this season after Tau Vitoria smashed them at home. The game was interesting only during the first quarter, but after it, the team of coach Ivanovic started to get a great difference.

First quarter was very productive. Both teams saw easy how to score, and while Cajasol prefered three-pointers, Tau smahed the basket time after time. Both teams played relaxed defense, similar to that match against Real Madrid. Pecile was the leader, while Splitter and McDonald scored the most points for Tau. Ilic got in the game to stop inside scoring, but he could do nothing. Rako was on fire, and he took the responsability. First quarter ended 19-23.

All fireworks. Second quarter started with double pressure for Tau to get 21-29. Cajasol stopped scoring, while Rako was still on fire. Second foul of Ignerski drove him to bench, and it just made Tau to score more and more, until they got fifteen points of advantage. Cajasol defended in zone then, but Teletovic continued scoring when Rako stopped. The quarter finished 33-52.

All this seen, the second half had nothing of interest. Tau was playing with big intensity, while Cajasol only could see that superb storm that passed through "San Pablo". And that was all. A team with no reasons to play, no motivations, nothing to expect from them… until who knows when?

74 – Cajasol (19+14+18+23): Ellis (10), Pecile (18), Ignerski (10), Carter (10), Triguero (4) -starting five-, Rivero (2), De Miguel (4), Savanovic (6), Andrés Miso (8), Mile Ilic (2)

101 – Tau Cerámica (23+29+26+23): Prigioni (-), Rakocevic (21), Sergi Vidal (7), Splitter (15), McDonald (14) -starting five-, Robert Hite (-), Ariel Eslava (-), Teletovic (22), San Emeterio (9), Shakur (9), Stanko Barac (4)

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