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Back to Back for Siena in Italian Championship

Siena is the Italian Champion. Montepaschi Siena beat Lottomatica Roma 4-1 in Italian Finals and is Italian Champion for the second season straight.

Siena won game 3 at Rome when Rome start very aggressive and lead 32-12 past 13 minutes, but close first half ahead by 9 points. In beginning of second half Stonerook make nine points on 1’ and tied the game. Rome was scary and Siena continued its game till the maximum advantage in 54-68 at 2’30” to the end.

Game 3: Rome-Siena 72-80

Roko-Leni Ukic  14pts| Shaun Stonerook      17pts
Ibrahim Jaaber  12pts| Rimantas Kaukenas 13pts
Erazem Lorbek 10pts| Benjamin Eze 12pts
David Hawkins 10pts| Bootsy Thornton 10pts

In game 4 Siena have the first match point in the series, but Rome not die. Rome have a good start, 17-7, but Siena recover the game at half time, 39-39. A 2/2 in three point shoots by Thornton tied at 50-50. In last quarter Jaaber score 9 points in row and Rome finish the game 84-72. Siena have 20 turnover.Game 4: Rome-Siena 84-72

Jaaber 22pts, 8/8 2pt%, 2/3 3pt%| Ksistof Lavrinovic 14pts
Erazem Lorbek 17pts| Bootsy Thornton 13pts
Roko-Leni Ukic 12pts | David Hawkins 10pts

Game 5 is the game by the Back to Back. Siena in its court try to run but Rome is in the game and start with a 10/10 on 2 pts FG, close at 70% in 2pts FG. First quarter end at 24-21. At the half time Siena make a 9 points break and close at 49-40. Rome continued to play strong in defense and with Hawkins close an 8-0 for 54-51. In the last quarter Siena isn’t under five-points ahead, and with a double three points by Stonerook and Lavrinovic in 30” close the game. Game 5: Siena-Rome 92-81

Thornton 17pts | Ukic 17pts
McIntyre 16pts | Hawkins 15pts
Lavrinovic   15pts | De La Fuente 12pts
Kaukenas 14pts | Jaaber 10pts

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