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Tottenham striker Fernando Llorente defeats actress Amy Jackson in NBA2K19 Gaming Tournament Semi-Final

The first semi-final of this year’s NBA2K19 Gaming Tournament was an even contest as Premier League footballer Fernando Llorente faced actress Amy Jackson Llorente came out on top to book his place in the final of the tournament

It was semi-final time in the NBA2K19 tournament as Tottenham striker Fernando Llorente went head-to-head with model and actress Amy Jackson for a place in this year’s final. Llorente elected to play as the Dallas Mavericks, whilst Jackson chose host Bruce Bowen’s former team Miami Heat.

Jackson’s Heat got off to a strong start with a couple of sharp two pointers giving her an early 4-0 lead. However, Llorente’s Mavericks brought it back square in the second quarter to leave the tie evenly poised.

Shortly after, an excellent move finished in a fine slam-dunk as the Spaniard took a 10-9 lead. “He’s as cool as the other side of the pillow”, exclaimed Bowen as Jackson’s nerves remained on edge. In the lead up to the break, the pair exchanged scores, however Jackson was caught off-guard celebrating and Llorente took advantage to give his side the lead going into half-time. Dallas Mavericks 14-11 Miami Heat.

Jackson missed a golden opportunity to bring the scores back, missing a free throw, but managed to regain her composure to close the gap to the three points, with the Mavericks 19-16 ahead going into the fourth quarter. However, a slick move put Llorente into a 23-16 lead, with Jackson resigning to “losing her confidence.” A closely fought contest ended 25-16 for the Dallas Mavericks, giving Fernando Llorente his place in the final, where he will meet the winner of semi-final two between Anthony Watson and Shkodran Mustafi.

Amy Jackson was graceful in defeat, saying “Fernando was very good, our teams were quite equal so he was clearly a good gamer.”

Fernando Llorente defeats Amy Jackson in NBA2K19 Tournament Semi-Final

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