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Mousaka, Pastitsio and Pick and Roll Greek Basket League Day 5

Rethymno Cretan Kings – Promitheas Patras : 72-73

Quarters: 15-18, 33-40, 55-53, 72-73      Referees: Schinas- Somos- Kaldiris

Venue: Melina Merkouri Indoor Hall     MVP:  Oleksander Lypovy

In a difficult battle that went down to the wire, Promitheas Patras pulled out a 72-73 road win at Rethymno Cretan Kings on Saturday afternoon.

Tsairelis scored 5 points and gave the lead to Promitheas (0-7) in the first two minutes, but Ed Daniels had 7 rebound and scored 7 points (for Rethymno) to make it 15-18 in the first quarter.  Promitheas players increased the gap (25-38) in the second quarter, with great defensive plays, but Bartt (Rethymno guard) scored two consecutive three-point shots to tie up the match and put the hosts back ahead (33-40).

Rethymno went in front in the first minutes of the third quarter (41-40), but Promitheas, with Gkikas and Tsairelis, scoring, regained the lead (43-47). The two teams were so close in the score and Rethymno, mainly with Bartt and Daniels, led by 2 points in the end of the third quarter ( 55-53).  Rethymno was in the lead in the first minutes of the fourth quarter, but Promitheas proved why they have won five times in the Basketball Champions League this year and Gkikas with Lypovy, Meier and Kaselakis helped the visitors regain the lead by 4 points (67-71).

Rethymno tried to tie up and win the match. The guard of Promitheas, Dimitris Katsivelis, missed the three-point shot and Stavros Mykoniatis (head coach of Rethymno) called a time-out. Rethymno had 4.9 seconds to win the match, but Steve Bartt missed the shot and Promitheas Patras won for the third time this year ( 3-2) and Rethymno still looking for its first win in the next game week ( 0-5).

Rethymno Cretan Kings will travel to Athens to play against Panionios next week, whereas Promitheas Patras will face Holargos B.C. on the road in the sixth game week.

Rethymno Cretan Kings: Best players : Points: Travis Daniels (18 points), Rebounds: Travis Daniels (12 rebounds), Assists: Elijah Johnson ( 5 assists)

Promitheas Patras: Best players : Points: Oleksandar Lypovy (16 points), Rebounds: Leonidas Kaselakis  (7 rebounds), Assists: Nikos Gkikas (6 assists)

Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels – Aris Thessaloniki B.C. : 61-72 

Quarters: 16-15, 34-26, 47-47, 61-72  Referees: Koromilas- Panagiotou- Theonas

Venue: Venetokleio Indoor Hall  MVP: Diamantis Slaftsakis

Aris travel from Kataja of Finland to Rhodes of Greece to play against Kolossos Rhodes for the fifth game week.

In the first quarter, the score was close. Although Aris led by 4 points (9-13) in the last minute of the first quarter, Kolossos scored many points, which put them up by one (16-15).

In the second quarter, both teams missed many shots and scored mainly with free throws. Kolossos Rhodes was in the lead with 8 points (28-20), 3 minutes before half-time, but Aris tried to tie up the match and Diggs (Kolossos Rhodes quard) took over the game, with a great performance, to put the hosts in the lead (34-26).

The third quarter was very interesting, because Kolossos Rhodes led by 10 points (41-31) in the beginning of the third quarter, but Aris, with a 16-4 run, achieved to tie the match (47-47).

The score was so close, but, in the last two minutes, two consecutive three-pointers by Flionis and Bell and one dunk from McGhee gave Aris the win. Kolossos Rhodes didn’t give up the match, but 4 points from Diamantis Slaftsakis were decisive for Aris Thessaloniki’s win in Rhodes ( 61-72). Diamantis Slaftsakis ( 9 points) was the best player for Aris Thessaloniki and Diggs and Mavroeidis scored a lot of points for Kolossos Rhodes.

Aris Thessaloniki (7th place, 3-2) will host Peristeri next week and Kolossos Rhodes (12th place, 4-1) will come across Lavrio Aegean Cargo in Lavrio (South Attica) for the sixth game week.

Kolossos Rodes B.C.  Best players : Points: Dimitris Mavroeidis (13 points) , Rebounds: Ivan Aska (8 rebounds), Assists: Tyreek Duren (4 assists)

Aris Thessaloniki B.C. Best players: Points: Lucky Jones ( 14 points), Rebounds: Lucky Jones (8 rebounds), Assists: Garry Bell (5 assists)


PAOK Thessalonikis B.C. – Kymi: 78-60

Quarters: 21-17, 36-29, 57-41, 78-60  Referees: Karakatsounis- Tswnos- Malamas

Venue: PAOK Sports Arena   MVP: Will Hutcher

Although Kymi scored 5 points in a row in the first quarter (6-7), PAOK Thessaonikis was better and the team from Thessaloniki, with Yannick Moreira and Milenko Tepic mainly, was better and PAOK led by 4 points ( 21-17) in the end of the first quarter.

PAOK was better than Kymi in the second quarter and the team from North Greece was so close to led by 10. Camphor (Kymi) made a great performance, but Paok led by 13 points at halftime.

The team from Thessaloniki scored many points and led by 16 points in the third quarter (57-41). PAOK obviously was much better than Kymi and won the match with 78-60 being the final score.

Will Hutcher was the best player for PAOK Thessalonikis and Chris Horton lost 6/8 free throws in half time, but scored 24 points and took 15 rebounds. These made Horton the best player for Kymi in this game week. PAOK Thessaloniki ( 5th place, 3-2) will travel to Limnos to play against Ifaistos Limnou next week, whereas Kymis will host AEK Athens at home.

Paok Thessalonikis B.C.  Best players : Points: Will Hutcher (17 points) , Rebounds: Darius Garrett  (8 rebounds), Assists: Antonis Koniaris (6 assists)

Kymi B.C. Best players : Points: Chris Horton (24 points) , Rebounds: Chris Horton ( 15 rebounds), Assists: Giorgos Tsiaras ( 4 assists)

AEK Athens B.C. – Holargos B.C. : 73-63

Quarters: 15-18, 31-26, 54-44, 73-63 Referees: Mano- K.Poursanidis, Rahiotis

Venue: Nikos Galis Olympic Indoor Hall     MVP: Malcolm Griffin

Holargos B.C. was very good in the first minutes of the match, with Love mainly, who scored 3 consecutive three-pointers. AEK had a nice start ( 6-0), but in the end of the first  quarter Holargos, with steal and dunk of Hawkins, led by 3 points (15-18).

In the first two minutes of the second quarter, Holargos after a three-pointer by Kamberidis, led by 8 points (15-23), but Holargos scored only 8 points overall in the second quarter.

AEK Athens had a great game defensively and the holders of the BCL title tied the match after a free throw of Rathan-Meis (25-25). Thanks to a 16-2 run, AEK regained the lead in the halftime (31-26), because Holargos had many problems in scoring points.

AEK Athens scored 4 points in a row in the start of the third quarter (35-26) and the team of Banchi led by 11 points ( 41-30). Rathan-Meis injured his shoulder in the third quarter and Holargos scored 6 points in a row (50-44). Tsalmbouris dunked for Aek Athens and it was obvious that BCL holders had the momentum of the match. Hawkins of Holargos had an amazing dunk in the end of the third quarter, but AEK Athens led by 10 points (54-44).

Holargos tried to win the match, but the lack of experience and the missing shots gave the win to AEK Athens. Hawkins scored an amazing follow (64-56), but Holargos had only Jankovic attempt mainly in the last minutes (70-63).

Malcolm Griffin was the best player of AEK Athens and the points and rebounds by Hawkins made Holargos competitive in the match. The victory at OAKA improved the BCL and Greek Cup holders, who were coached by Banchi, to 4th place (3-2), while Holargos (9th place, 2-3) had a great start in the first season in the history of the team. AEK will travel to face Kymi B.C. next week, whereas Holargos will welcome Promitheas Patras B.C. a day later in game week 6.


AEK Athens B.C. Best players : Points: Malcolm Griffin (15 points) , Rebounds: Vonce Hunter (8 rebounds) , Assists: Jonas Maciulis (4 assists)

Holargos B.C. Best players : Points: Javontae Hawkins (20 points) , Rebound: Javontae Hawkins (5 rebounds) , Assists: Darrin Dorsey (4 assists)

Peristeri Bikos Cola – Hfaistos Limnou : 89-81

Quarters:28-11, 52-31, 71-54, 89-81  Referees: Papapetrou-Mpitis-Tzafleris

Venue: Peristeri Arena ” Andreas Papandreou”    MVP: Ryan Harrow

Peristeri easily won Ifaistos Limnou (89-81) in Athens.

In the first quarter, Peristeri led by 17 points (28-11), because Harrow made an amazing performance. Ifaistos Limnou went on a 3-12 run in the first minutes of the second quarter (31-23). Peristeri was in the lead with 21 points at halftime (52-31).

Peristeri was a great tart in the third quarter and led by 25 points (57-32), (60-35). Although, Ifaistos Limnou was competitive ( 68-54), Peristeri was in the lead by 17 points ( 71-54).

Ifaistos Limnou was better in the fourth quarter and scored many points. Evans helped the visitors cut the deficit (81-75) in the fourth quarter, but Peristeri won easily by 8 points (89-81). Harrow was the best player for Peristeri and Jerry Smith along Shaun Evans had a great performance for Ifaistos Limnou.



The team from Limnos will try to bounce back by hosting PAOK Thessaloniki in Myrina Limnos next week, whereas Peristeri will travel to Thessaloniki to play against Aris Thessaloniki.

Olympiacos B.C. – Lavrio Aegean Cargo B.C. : 102-63

Quarters: 24-20, 49-37, 77-48, 102-63 Referees: Symeonidis- Stamatopoulos-Tziopanos

Venue: Peace and Friendship Stadium  MVP: Nikola Milutinov

Lamb had a three-point play for Lavrio ( 0-3), but Olympiacos had a great performance (10-3) in the start of the first quarter. Olympiacos scored many points in fast break and Vangelis Manztaris managed the plays of the game.

LeDay and Milutinov helped Olympiacos lead by 10 points ( 19-9), but Melson and Kouzeloglou reduce the points ( 24-20). Melson scored 12 consecutive points for Lavrio, but Mantzaris and Milutinov helped Olympiacos have the leading score (49-37) at halftime.

Olympiacos made an incredible performance in the third quarter and led by 29 points ( 77-48) in the end of the third quarter. Vassilis Spanoulis scored a lot of points in the third, but mainly, in the fourth quarter, because Olympiacos, with his help, went on a 10-0 run (87-48), but Lavrio reacted and the team from South Attica made a 7-0 run ( 87-55).

The game was over from the start of the third quarter, Olympiacos won 102-63., Mantzaris, Milutinov and Spanoulis had an amazing performance for Olympiacos and  Melson and Kouzeloglou helped Lavrio, which was competitive only for 2 quarters.

Panionios B.C. – Panathinaikos Opap B.C. : 67-88

Quarters: 20-28, 37-48, 51-66, 67-88 Referees: Tsarouxa- Diamantis- Papathanasiou

Venue: Nea Smyrni Indoor Hall  MVP: Ian Vougioukas

For the fifth game week, Panionios welcomed Panathinaikos in Nea Smyrni Indoor Hall. Panionios had all newcomers (Papantoniou, Dorsey, Wood) and new coach Fragias, after Chougaz left Panionios and signed for Brno.

Panionios had a great start in the game against Panathinaikos and was in the lead (10-6), but Panathinaikos scored 10 points in a row (10-16). Panionios made a great attempt, mainly with three-pointers, to tie the match ( 20-22), but Panathinaikos led by 8 points ( 20-28).

Pappas had three-point plays in the start of the second quarter (20-31), but Panionios was competitive with Harris, mainly (26-31). Although Panathinaikos led by 14 points 3 minutes before halftime, Dorsey for Panionios scored many points and sent the difference to 11 points for Panathinaikos at halftime (37-48).

Panathinaikos has a roster full of quality and in these matches Panathinaikos has the advantage. Langford, Calathes and Lasme increased the score (42-58) and Panathinaikos led by 16 points, but Harris reduced the score (49-60). However, Panathinaikos had a 15-point gap in the end of the third quarter. The game was over, Panionios made a great performance, but Panathinaikos won (67-88). Vougioukas was the best player for Panathinaikos and Harris made a great performance for Panionios.

Panionios will host Rethymno Cretan Kings next week, whereas Panathinaikos will host Olympiacos for the sixth gameweek.

Νew Signings

Aaron  Jones – Rethymno Cretan Kings- Forward/ Center

Nontas Papantoniou- Panionios – Guard

Joey Dorsey – Panionios –  Center

Jarrell Eddie- Promitheas Patras – Forward

Brandon Wood – Panionios- guard

JayVaughn Pinkston – Kolossos Rodes- center

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