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Kikanovic: I didn’t know

Elmedin Kikanovic was found positive in a doping control test that took place after the second semifinal against Partizan and is now facing a ban from all FIBA tournaments for up to two years. Himself he admits that the result is correct yet he claims that he didn’t know the “guilty” substance was included in the supplements he took.

“When I heard of the results, I immediately went to the Serbian Basketball Federation and gave them an insight on all the supplements I used. ” said Kikanovic to Sport Journal.

“Usually we were provided our supplements by the club. But due to the bad financial situation we had to buy them ourselves. During one such purchase by a seller, I got offered a bottle of liquid creatine and was assured that it was tested and it didn’t contain forbidden substances. As a professional athlete, I know that reatine as a substance is allowed.

In the analysis of this liquid creatine it was found that it contains geranamin which the body turns to metal hexanamin and this is from the 1st of January of this year in the list of forbidden substances.

Now I am facing suspension. I was at a turning point of my career, about to change clubs and now everything is in doubt. It really is a forbidden substance, but I did not take it knowingly. The wait is killing me.” concluded Kikanovic.

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