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Katsikaris: Zadar has a great coach and fans

EuroCup tips off tomorrow and one of the ebst games of the opening day will definitely be Zadar-Aris. The Greek team’s coach Fotis Katsikaris talked about the game and praised Zadar’s coach Zmago Sagatin and their fans.

Fotis Katsikaris said: “We will have to face a very tough team which bears the seal of their experienced coach, Mr. Zmago Sagadin. Zadar is a disciplined team, which plays very strong in defense and has got big potential, thank to a blend of young guys and experienced players. In addition, they have loyal fan and this adds to their strength at their home games.” and then referred to his own team: “From our side, we must be absolutely concentrated in defense, reduce the turnovers and try to get the rebounds. It is going to be a match in which we have to show a great deal of patience, in order to have chances of winning.”

Aris’ player Keydren Clark also made statements: “We know that our game against Zadar is going to be a very difficult one. We are expecting to meet a tough opponent, which will try to put pressure on us since the beginning, so w must continue to follow our team principles, both in defense and offense.” and analysed the key points of the game: “The defense will be the key, without a doubt. We must be mentally strong and maintain the good elements we showed in our last couple of games. The Eurocup 2009-10 is a great opportunity for us to redeem ourselves for last year’s disappointment, when we started well but finally didn’t qualify to the next phase. We definitely want to go much further this time. I believe we have a great chance to qualify to the Top 16. It’s going to depend on us. If we play as a team, I think we’ll be fine.”

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