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Thanassis Tzevelekis anounces retirement from BC Aris

ImageAn era of gold is over for the club from Thessaloniki as their most succesful chairman in recent years anounced his retirement from the club.

Here is the ex-chairman's statement to the official website of Aris BC:

"I hereby anounce that the presidency of Tzevelekis in BC Aris is over for good. My decision is not based on the result of the game against Marousi. It's a mature decision, and this is just the time that it has to be made public.

You all know that i am against permanent conditions and executives grabbing on their chairs. That is because i believe that the renewal of persons and policies is part of any healthy organization. All the above along with the loneliness i felt the past 2 years (absolute absence of political and economical support) were the reasons that have lead me to this decision. 5 years of hard work, full of joys and sorrows, serious financial sacrifices and many successes. All this lead to an Aris that while a few years back was struggling and giving a fight for survival, is today a protagonist in the greek and european scene.

In the duration of my presidency we built a mutual respect relationship with the fans and that relationship was the most important thing i got and it was every sacrifice worth.

I remain a major stock-holder of the club and from this position shall i work from now own in collaboration with other executives of the club. I want to believe that there will be friends of Aris that want and are able to continue our work. My stock share is in the disposal to anyone who's ready to lead this huge club.

Many thanks to all my partners, but most of all many thanks to the fans of Aris who know how to support the "Emperor" of Greek basketball in a unique way.

In the following days i will gather the stock-holders so we can all work for the next day of Aris"

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