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Rodney Hood signs a new contract with the Cavaliers

Photo: basketballsocietyonline.com

According to Shams Charania from The Athletic, Rodney Hood has signed a one-year $3.4 million qualifying offer with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It means that next summer Rodney Hood will be unrestricted free agent.

Earlier on it was reported that the Cavaliers offered a three-year nearly $21 million contract, but Hood was seeking nearly $27 million annually (Joe Vardon).

Hood’s final contract year was quite mixed – he began 2017-2018 season as a Utah Jazz member averaging 16.8 points and 2.8 rebounds per game and then in February he was acquired by the Cleveland Cavaliers in a three-team deal.

Despite high expectations, second-half of the season for the Cavs’ newcomer wasn’t so smooth as we could have expected – his points plummeted to 10.8 per game.

But the biggest Hood’s fall was during postseason and especially in a game with the Toronto Raptors when the Cavaliers beat the Raptors 128-93 and Hood refused to enter the game in the fourth quarter. Later on he apologized for his inappropriate behaviour.

To sum up, knowing that LeBron James left Cleveland and therefore the Cavs game will change inevitably, one year in Cleveland could boost 25-year-old Rodney Hood’s value during a free-agent market next summer.

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