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Marco Belinelli: “What Sacchetti said really bothered me”

Marco Belinelli spoke with Gazzetta Dello Sport and referred to his decision to not play for Italy in the upcoming WC Qualifiers (against Poland and Hungary) as well as the comments the national team’s head coach, Romeo Sacchetti, made about him.

Here is what the San Antonio Spurs’ guard said:

On Sacchetti’s comments: “Some things, Sacchetti said, really bothered me. There are controversial issues after my decision to not participate in the WC qualifiers that annoyed me. I was honest from the first day I met Sacchetti, Brunamonti and President Petrucci.

To make everything clear, some people do not care about the national team or the team does not care about the players. If there were issues with my decision, I would prefer that Romeo came to talk to me personally, rather than criticising and speaking in general.”

On September’s WC Qualifiers: “This window is close to the beginning of the NBA season and makes things difficult or almost impossible for many players.

Besides, it is proven by the fact that 80% of NBA players do not participate. Italy’s games are too close to the start of the Spurs‘ training camp, and I have to be there in excellent condition.”

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