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Besiktas offered a contract to Iverson

According to Turkish newspaper Milliyet, Besiktas have offered a contract to former NBA star Allen Iverson and is now awaiting a reply, which if positive, could be one of the greatest transfers of European basketball.

The signing was an idea of Yildirim Demiroren, a Turkish tycoon and owner of Besiktas. He came up with the idea after signing major stars for the Besiktas football club like Guti and Quaresma. In the presentation of the football players to the fans he had promised a similar star signing for the basketball club as well.

So he ordered his associates to start looking for a possible target and they came up with Allen Iverson’s name, who has several offers from China and so far none from an NBA club.

When the team’s GM contacted president Demiroren to propose the signing of Iverson, the latter one was rather shocked and asked if he was talking about the world class star Allen Iverson. After being re-assured that it was indeed him, he inquired what kind of offer would Iverson require in order to play in Turkey.

The answer was more than satisfying: The player’s agent wants $4.000.000 net for a one year deal with a Chinese team and $2.000.000 net plus agent fees to play in Europe. An affordable price for Besiktas president.

Besiktas will play in the qualifying round of Eurocup against Deutsche Bank.

Source: Millyet

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