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Nocioni: I prefer to return to Europe

Andres NocioniThe situation is the following: “Chapu” still has 2 years left on his contract with the Kings. However he does not want to continue there and has already notified the club of his decision. The club itself is not negative on letting him go, but any action will be taken after the NBA Draft that is taking place in a couple of weeks. Real Madrid and his ex-team Caja Laboral are reportedly interested in him.

On this ground, Argentinean media “Ole” contacted Nocioni to ask about the situation. Here is a rough translation of the interview.

Do you prefer to continue in the NBA or return to Europe?

Answer: I wouldn’t mind returning to Europe. Quite the opposite in fact… I’ve been in the NBA for six years now and i was never “crazy” to play there. I’m not like Scola or Manu who always dreamed of it. My dream was always Europe and the NBA just happened…Thus I wouldn’t mind returning.

Q: What things do you think are better in Europe than in the NBA?

A: I prefer the playing style and I would like to be competitve again…When I was in Chicago, I had motive, I was comfortable, but the last few months were very hard.

Q: Do you also prefer the lifestyle?

A: Of course. I would be more comfortable, more relaxed.

Q: What does your family say?

A: The want to return even more than I do. In the NBA they see me little. When we are on tour, my wife and the kids are alone, they don’t have anyone. In Europe you travel and come back within two days.

Q: Does the incident that you had (arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol) make you want to return to Spain even more?

A: No. That was an isolated incident that will not happen again. In the States I went out four times and had the bad experience of being stopped by the police.

Q: What needs to be done so you return to Europe?

A: There has to be a good offer and I have to reach an agreement with the Kings. They have to give me some money because I am liberating them of a guaranteed contract.


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