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Dimitris Diamantidis: ‘Never to Olympiakos!’

Dimitris DiamantidisDimitris Diamantidis was interviewed by fans via Panathinaikos official website, www.paobc.gr.

– Have you ever cried, either due to sorrow or due to joy?
No, never. Neither for a sorrow nor for a joy.

– Are you worried by the inconsistency that Panathinaikos is showing lately?
Of course we are worried, for example once we gain a significant points difference in a game and can't keep it. This is something that worries the coaching staff too. It is something that we must overcome as soon as possible so we can keep our game on a higher level, which will make things easier for us.

– Is this something you think about a lot these days since you are facing Olympiakos on Sunday?
No, we don't. It is something that applies to all the games and not just to the Sunday's game.

– Will you be ready for Sunday's game?
We are definitely ready. We have two more days to work on some plays we want to deploy on Sunday but generally speaking I think we are ready. both physically and psychologically.

– What do you think the fans' behaviour will be on Sunday and what do you think that the fans' behaviour should be?
We have repeatedly stated that our fans are a huge boost for the team. We especially appreciate the fans in Euroleague games, where there are more of them and they help us a lot. I hope the same applies for the game against Olympiakos.

– Tell us what you felt when you blocked Alex Acker. (Third game of the Greek A1 finals series in 2006-07 season)
I didn't have much time to think about it since the game was going on at that time. After the game I was just happy that I helped my team to win.

– Would you ever play for Olympiakos? And if yes why?
No, I would never play for Olympiakos.

– Did you ever think about leaving Panathinaikos after your last contract ended in 2007?
No I didn't, because I knew where I wanted to be and I didn't have anything else but Panathinaikos in my mind. I was very pleased and still am very pleased about being a member of Panathinaikos and everything goes as planned.

– How does it feel being the best Greek player after Nikos Galis?
I don't think I have reached such a high level. I consider myself as a player who strives to help his team to win some trophies. I am just happy being able to be a part of this team.

– Panathinaikos fans expect you to become the new Frangiskos Alvertis, how long do you consider staying at the club? (Panathinaikos captain who has been playing for the club for the past 19 seasons)
I am not the new Alvertis. Alvertis has been here for 19 seasons and has connected his name to Panathinaikos' biggest moments. It is definitely very positive to begin your career at a club and end it at the club, being able to help even outside the courts. As for me I am not thinking about the end of my career right now, nor my role after the end of my career. I think about and live only in the present and try to help my team. Without thinking neither next year or next two years.

– What does Alvertis mean for you?
As I said previously Alvertis is a huge chapter of the team. His presence alone helps the team and the players both on and out of the courts because he carries a huge amount of experience.

– Do you think higher than others of some persons that you met during the years you are playing for Panathinaikos?
I had a good relationship with all my team mates. The coaching stuff definitely helped me a lot since when I first joined the team I started seeing basketball differently. And I have adjusted to their philosophy and work ethics.

– Which is the ideal starting line up for Panathinaikos?
the ideal starting line up is the line up the coach decides to play because he knows who are ready and who can help the team most.

– Obradovic has stated that he learns something new everyday from his players. What do you learn everyday from Obradovic?
I think we learn more from him everyday. Both on and off the courts. If he learns one thing from us, we learn 100 from him.

– Do you think that the Yiannakopoulos' brothers close presence to the team creates more pressure on the team or on the contrary makes you feel security?
I don't think anyone feels pressure when he sees the brothers attending training sessions and being there for us. Their presence if very important to us and we feel happy to see them and we don't get nervous.

– What should we expect to see in Sunday's game against Olympiakos?
We definitely need to win because we have already lost to Panellinios. Olympiakos on the other hand is unbeaten and we need to win, because the season has a long way to go. The team needs to remain calm. We know what we will deal with. I can't predict the tactics but we definitely need to be calm, consentrated and passionate because this is a special game for us.

– Do you feel pressured by trailing Olympiakos due to the defeat by Panellinios?
We don't think about it that way. After losing to Panellinios we all knew that the season has a long way to go. Surely a loss is a loss, but we analysed our mistakes and moved on. Now we must beat Olympiakos and get back on the top.

– What does basketball mean to you?
Basketball is my life. The thing I like and I enjoy doing. The thing hat I wanted to do since I was a kid. It is my entire life, my joy.

– What do your team mates mean to you?
Basketball is a team sport, therefore teammates are the basic ingridient of basketball. Surely each player posesses different character and playing attributes but we must meet in the middle. Teamplay is not something easy, but it is very important.

– Is the tension in the courts a result of pressure, tiredness or something else?
I think it is a result of both. Pressure and tiredness. You also have to understand that athletes are human beings too. They want to win, they strive to do so and sometimes they react inappropriately. And trust me, everyone who acts so, deeply regret it later.

– How do you imagine yourself in 10 years?
I really haven't thought of it. I just want to be healthy. As for the rest, we'll see.

-What do you like doing off the courts?
I don't have much spare time and I usually use it to go out for food and cinema.

– What scares you the most?
Out of the courts I am scared of getting sick. And on courts I get scared when my team is behind the score and the time is running out.

-Would you ever consider taking a break from the Greece National Team?
No, I never thought of it. But I don't think of the National Team right now anyway, because there is no reasonto do so.

– What does a kid need to play basketball?
I am not the proper person to answer but the things that come to mind is talent, work and love for what he does.

– What do you expect fromthe fans on Sunday and what should the fans expect from you?
Fans should expect to see a passionate and mindful team which will give 100% effort to win the game. We expect to see calm fans who will help the team.

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