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Haislip disobeys Caja Laboral, goes to the U.S. (Update)

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Marcus Haislip has had some bad luck lately and he had to stay out due to an injury for at least a month. What he didn’t expect was the refusal of Caja Laboral to allow him to spend the holidays in the U.S. Apparently he was so unhappy about it that he went anyway.

In a late night post in a website (which he then referred his twitter followers to, asking them for their opinion), which was was obviously written in a hurry, Haislip tried to justify his decision not to stay in Vitoria, but rather go and spend the holidays next to his sick mother in the U.S.

More specifically Haislip wrote:

im not really big on sharing my thoughts so this will be my first time posting but i had something weighing heavy on my mind that i wanted to share and see if anyone had any thoughts about it

but right now im playing in spain with caja laboral and a few days ago i hurt my leg and it will cause me to be out for about a month or a lil more    so i respectfully approached my team and asked if i could go home to visit my family for christmas  and remind u that on this team when u are hurt u have no interaction with the team whatsoever  no meetings no video no practice   absolutely no involvement.

so in return they responded with the answer no and that i needed to stay in vitoria and do therapy  with the new young guy they just hired a month or two ago with absolutely no athletic experience at all and do treatments with him which consist of having him lightly rubbing lotion on my leg for about 10 minutes and then wrapping ice on it and leave

so they felt that it was more important to stay in vitoria alone while everyone, including coaches and staff, goes and spends the holidays with their friends and families but i have to stay there on punishment because im hurt and because they said so.

so i thought about it for about a day and it upset me more and more as i thought about it and came to the conclusion that i have no idea how many more holidays my parents will be around for including the fact that my mom recently had cancer this year  and i did which was by far more important to me and came home to see my mom and dad and do not regret it one bit theres no dollar amount or fine thats worth the feeling that i felt when i saw tears of joy from my mom who didn’t think she was gonna see me

i did what was right by far by coming to see my family   i know that in my heart.. and it upsets that this team had a chance to do the right thing and be considerate of one of its players and they spitefully chose not to and ill never forget that..  im not sure how many people are gonna read this  but i appreciate everyone who does and id love to hear your opinions and feedback  and spread it along to anyone that u can and as much as possible

thanks for reading    M.H.

What Haislip didn’t think about (or did he?) is the fact that this is probably exactly what Caja Laboral was going for, so they could use his actions against him, citing unprofessional behaviour and terminate his contract without compensation.

Seems that after Panathinaikos another attempt to return to European basketball, this time with Caja Laboral, didn’t exactly work out for Haislip.

Update: Just hours after TalkBasket ran the Haislip story, the club have officially verified that Haislip is in the U.S. without a permission and have missed several therapy sessions. Moreover the announcement mentions that “Saski Baskonia SAD have decided to open a disciplinary proceedings for gross misconduct that results to immediate and temporary suspension without pay.”

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