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The creation of the EuroLeague Players Association

Photo: Gazzetta.gr

Following the Championship Game Press Conference, Bostjan Nachbar, Luigi Datome and Kyle Hines announced the upcoming founding of the EuroLeague Players Association.

The Association will represent all players competing in the Euroleague and its target will be to help them fulfil their goals, both on and off the court.

The union will be officially founded after the end of the current season and will aim to protect the players’ individual and collective rights.

Nachbar, who has been running this project in the past few months, said he has been thankful for the players’ support, explaining that he will fight to improve the careers of EuroLeague players and defend their rights.

For his part, Datome mentioned that Euroleague is an elite competition, so it’s time for the players to create their own voice and grow the product.

Kyle Hines stated that this union will bring new opportunities to the players, adding that they will do their best to work with the clubs and league officials to help the EuroLeague remain a top competition.

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