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Luka Doncic focusing on one thing … and it isn’t the NBA Draft

Photo: Euroleague Basketball

With the NBA lottery looming and all eyes set on where Luka Doncic will end up in the upcoming Draft, the teen wonder is focused on one thing.

On Friday, Real Madrid take on CSKA Moscow in Belgrade in the second game of the EuroLeague Final Four, which brings an incredible season to a close.

And away from the NBA and even the EuroLeague MVP discussion and Doncic is adamant that his mind is firmly on victory in the Serbian capital.

“The most important thing for me, more than me taking the MVP, would be to win the EuroLeague because it would be incredible,” Doncic said to Real Madrid TV. “And combined with winning Eurobasket, it would complete the perfect season.

“I’m training well, the team is also training hard and I think we’re ready. Friday’s game has to be approached like every other, with a lot of punch and motivation.” 

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