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Maroussi thrown out of Euroleague

Euroleague have officially banned Maroussi from competing in Euroleague qualifying rounds. No team will take their place and Budivelnik will go through the first qualifying round automatically.

The full announcement:

Euroleague Basketball has announced that Maroussi BC’s licence to participate in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Qualifying Rounds, which start on Tuesday, September 21, has been revoked. Euroleague Basketball has been forced to take this decision after not having received any of the registration documents from Maroussi BC as required in the competition by-laws.

Euroleague Basketall would also like to point out that Maroussi BC’s licence to participate in the Greek League has not been granted yet. All participating teams in Euroleague Basketball competitions also must be participants in their respective national leagues. No team will replace Maorussi BC in the Qualifying Round 1 against Budivelnik, therefore the Ukranian team will automatically advance to the Qualifying Round 2.

A sad conclusion for team that surprised many last season. In the past few days the club lost its coach Bartzokas and players such Spencer, Askrabic and Sarikopoulos who although signed contracts with the club had to look for a job some place else.

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