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Shock for Maroussi as Bartzokas quits the team

Great shock for Maroussi as the coach who built and guided the team to one of their best seasons last year informed the club that he will not be coaching them anymore.

This move came as a surprise as Bartzokas hadn’t quit the team when nothing was certain and he had only a couple of players left from last season’s squad and no new owner or management to run the club.

In the past few weeks everything returned to normal as a new management took over the club and signed some very solid players and everything looked set for another season under coach Bartzokas.

There are two reasons behind the decision. The first one is the financial and the second one is Bartzokas’ aspiration to take over Greece NT who is now actively looking for a new coach, and the Greek Basketball Federation doesn’t seem keen on hiring a coach who is already working for a club.

Maroussi will now be in a hurry to find a new coach as they will be playing in the Euroleague qualifying rounds in some weeks.

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