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Panathinaikos after Maric

After Nikola Pekovic made official that he will continue his career in the NBA by admiting it to Serbian media, Panathinaikos are already looking for his replacement with Aleks Maric being the main target.

Right now, Panathinaikos seems to be the only club after Maric, as clubs like Barcelona and CSKA who have expressed interest the past month have already acquired other centers in Kosta Perovic and Boban Marjanovic respectively. The problem for the Greek club is that Partizan are asking 1mil euro as a buyout for the player and that is considered to be too much. Of course it could be covered by the buyout, Panathinaikos will receive for Nikola Pekovic, but still Green officials are trying to negotiate a buyout reduction with Partizan.

Other names that have surfaced today in Greek media are Ian Vouyoukas and Sofoklis Schortsanitis if he doesn’t reach an agreement with the Clippers.

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