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CSKA let Mensah-Bonsu go

As CSKA Moscow General Manager Andrey Vatutin revealed to an interview to Gazeta.ru his club won’t be renewing Pops Mensah-Bonsu’s contract and the player will try his luck either in NBA or Spain.

Vatutin’s quote to the Russian website was:

“Pops was one of the most interesting cases of last season. In some games he was effective and some other games not so effective. From a marketing standpoint if Russia had a real market for basketball the club could afford offering the player a new contract and then even make profit selling Pops’ t-shirts.” and continued:

“He will be remembered by the fans, but we won’t be offering him a new contract. He will probably try to find a team in NBA to play for and has some offers from Spain (according to TalkBasket, DKV Joventut have already offered him a contract). In any case he said that Russia has been a great experience for him.”

When asked about other non-Russian players’ status Vatutin replied: “All foreign players are under contract.”

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