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Vujosevic first, Maric to follow

It is a matter of hours until CSKA Moscow announces Dusko Vujosevic as their head coach for the next season and seems that the Montenegrin is bringing along a friend from Partizan, Aleks Maric.

So here is the full story regarding the deal. CSKA Moscow kept their General Manager Andrey Vatunin by promising him a significant budget raise (as he had an offer to take over New Jersey Nets, by the team’s new owner, Russian multi-billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov). This in combinaiton with the sports clubs taxation raise in both Spain and Greece, has made CSKA one of the big players of the European basketball market again.

Not only are they paying a buy-out for Vujosevic and offer him a 3 year deal worth 5 million euros but they are also offering another 1 million to Partizan for Maric’ buy-out and same duration contract as Vujosevic worth 4 million euros.

Although Maric is the player most likely to follow Vujosevic to Moscow it would not be far-fetched to assume it could as well be some other player or even Maric and another player. Jan Vesely and Bo McCalebb are in the spotlight as Vujosevic would love to have them with him. McCalebb makes a lot of sense since Zoran Planinic is gone while JR Holden is getting older.

CSKA is also keeping Siskauskas, Langdon and all their key players for whom they were rumours about interest from other clubs of were free agents.

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