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EA7 Milano not happy with reported Pianigiani appointment

Following on from the rumoured arrival of Simone Pianigiani to EA7 Milano, it seems the fans over in the fashion capital are not so happy with the move.

The hashtag #NoPianigiani has been trending in Italy with the reasons stretching back to 2012 when bitter rivals Montepaschi Siena won the Italian title but later had to forfeit it, four years later after an investigation showed financial and fiscal fraud.

Siena went bankrupt in 2014 and thus dropped to Italian league division four.

The plot is made even more interesting with Milano president Livio Proli stating that Siena were cheaters back when Pianigiani was their head coach.

According to Italian media, Pianigiani looks set to succeed Jasmin Repesa as head coach for next season.

Pianigiani still has another year of his contract left at Hapoel Jerusalem where he guided them to the EuroCup semi-finals, last season.

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