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Draws for 2010-11 season announced

Euroleague BasketballThe first events of the next basketball season, the draws for the 2010-11 Euroleague, Eurocup Qualifying Rounds and EuroChallenge, will be held on Thursday, July 8 at the Mediapro Auditorium, Imagina (Av. Diagonal 177) in Barcelona, Spain.

For the fifth consecutive year, the 2010-11 draws may be seen live on Euroleague.net. Immediately after the draw, fans can also see live-streamed interviews on Euroleague.net with Euroleague team coaches and managers giving their impressions of the draw results.

The draws will begin at 11:15 local time (CET) and will determine the qualifying-round matchups and regular-season groups for the Euroleague, as well as the qualifying rounds for the Eurocup and the regular-season for the EuroChallenge. A Eurocup regular season draw will take place in the fall after all qualified teams are known.

Source: www.euroleague.net

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