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Golden State dominates Cleveland, wins Game 1 of the NBA Finals

Thanks to an impressive third-quarter performance (33-20), and with Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry combining for 66 points, the Golden State Warriors claimed an easy victory (113-91) over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

The former Oklahoma City Thunder player had 38 points (on 14/26 shooting), eight rebounds, eight assists, with Curry coming close to the triple-double, with 26 points, six rebounds and 10 assists, along with six three-pointers.

On the other hand, LeBron James scored 28 points, grabbed 15 rebounds and dished eight assists for Cleveland, with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love adding 24 and 15 (along with 21 boards) points, respectively, as the Cavaliers made a mediocre performance and were decimated by the Warriors.

Before the start of the 2017 NBA Finals, it was a considered a close derby between these two clubs, which were expected to fight until the end for the victory in every game.

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“It looks like the Cavaliers and the Warriors really like duking it out in the NBA Finals. For a third consecutive year, these two teams meet, with each team having one championship in their favor. With Golden State having the home field advantage in Game 1, the NBA odds puts them as favorites to win at -7. But, then again, it’s LeBron James and the Cavs and they are a pretty solid team. With the surprises we’ve seen in the past two finals, anything can happen at this point. It’s going to be fun to watch.” says line manager at MyBookie online sportsbook, David Strauss.

And that was exactly the case in the beginning, as no team could earn a significant advantage (7-8, 18-20), with the 2015 NBA champions ending the first quarter with a five-point advantage (35-30).

Later in the match, things didn’t significantly change (43-34, 55-48), with both teams trying to take control of the game and the Warriors closing the first half in front by eight (60-52).

In the second half, though, Curry and company took over. Executing very well on both ends of the floor, and especially offensively (70-52, 80-62), they outscored Cleveland 33-20 in the third quarter to extend their lead to 21 points, after 30 minutes in the game (93-72).

In the fourth quarter, the Cavaliers kept on playing badly defensively (100-78, 105-84), and, consequently, Golden State retained its double-digit advantage and made the first step to win the NBA title.


*Game 2 is set to take place at Oracle Arena on Sunday night, June 4th

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