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Waters: “It’s a blessing to be here”

Olympiacos’ point guard, Dominic Waters, talked to TalkBasket.net about the “Reds” preparation for Friday’s game as well as his presence in the Final-Four.

As this will be his first appearance in Euroleague’s biggest event, the 30-year-old player is more than ready for tomorrow’s game.

“I am excited to be here, I pray for this and couldn’t be more thankful, I have no choice but to be ready, as this is the biggest stage,” he said.

Regarding the Greek team’s preparation for the match-up with the Muscovites, Waters stated there still are some small things they have to change, however they will follow their game plan and tactics as always.

“I am very optimistic and confident, we will do what we did all year, but talent will also be a crucial factor,” he mentioned.

Concerning the key element that will determine the winner, Waters expressed the opinion that it’s going to be a tough battle, yet “more physical than the regular season matches, however we have to be the ones that will decide the game.”

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