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Vujosevic: Olympiacos has the best roster

ImagePartizan's coach, Dusko Vujosevic complimented Olympiacos claiming they have the best roster of the group while saying that his team is missing three star players since last season, Velickovic, Tepic and Tripkovic.

Vujosevic also said: "Olympiacos has the best roster in our group. Going by the names of their players, it is hard to say if many better teams have visited Pionir Arena in recent seasons. We have no pressure in this game but some kind of miracle would be welcomed by us. I always like players I am with at the moment, but the fact is we had a much stronger team last season. One star makes a difference and we lost three stars. We are still looking for new stars. We started the season bad and there is hard work in front of us. All we need is time."

Partizan's MVP in euroleague so far Alaeks Maric said: "We had two losing streaks, one in the Euroleague and one in the Adriatic League. It is a strange feeling for all of us, because we never had to handle this before. Some people think this is bad moment to play Olympiacos. There are not bad or bright moments. Olympiacos is extreme strong team, one of the best in the Euroleague. I realy don't know who shall miss the game in Belgrade due to flu. All I know is they have great players under the boards like Kleiza, Bourousis and Schortsanitis. We are also aware of their extremely strong backcourt, regardless of whether Papaloukas will not play in Belgrade. We have to be at our highest level and see if Olympiacos gives us a chance to upset them."

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