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Dennis Schroder to miss EuroBasket qualifiers

Atlanta Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder will miss Germany’s Eurobasket 2017 qualifiers it has been confirmed.

However, Schroder’s omission from the squad has come with the full support of the DBB (German Basketball Federation).

“We support Dennis a hundred percent,” said DBB vice-president Armin Andres.

“It is a very special situation for Dennis, which can be crucial for his entire career. He is scheduled to enter the starting line-up in Atlanta and he is needed there to undergo intensive and early training with the Hawks. He has our full understanding.”

Schroder was poised to lead the German national side’s summer bid for a berth in next year’s Eurobasket and head coach Chris Fleming will have to modify his plans somewhat.

The DBB believe this development could prove beneficial to both the player and German basketball in the near future.

And despite his decision, Schroder is still committed to the international program.

“All this does not change my commitment to the German national team,” said Schroder in a statement.

“It’s still very important to me, with the 2020 Olympic Games remaining as the utter goal in the whole process. I ask from basketball fans in Germany to show understanding to my situation. I will keep my fingers crossed during the Qualifiers and I look forward to seeing you all again at FIBA Eurobasket 2017.”

Germany will play Netherlands, Austria and Denmark in their qualifying campaign, which starts August 31.

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