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“Sprite Kings of Air” will be held on July 5 in Riga, Latvia

On Tuesday, July 5 the Sports complex Grizinkalns will gather the world’s most talented basketball dunk masters. This is the fourth consecutive year, that the Ghetto Games organization in Latvia hosts the most ambitious slam-dunk contest in the world.

This year nine of the world’s top slam dunk entrepreneurs will face each other in the basketball court. Starting off the list we have the technically dexterous “Smoove” (Dmitry Krivenko) from Ukraine, who is a their many time national champion. It’s his fourth time participating in the „Kings of Air” contest. This year a new and ambitious athlete will arrive in Latvia along with “Smoove” from Ukraine – Vadim “Miller” Paddubchenko.

Canada will also be represented by two athletes. One of them is the crowd’s favorite Justin Darlington – a highly talented dunker who won the contest both in 2013 and 2014. The other athlete competing under the flag of Canada is the last year’s winner Jordan “Mission Impossible” Kilganon. Not only has he managed to win the 2015 “Sprite Kings of the Air” title, but he is the first dunker in the world that has been able to execute the elusive “scorpion” dunk. He got even more famous by performing this extremely hard dunk at this year’s NBA ALL STAR game while wearing your every day jeans!

Also the winner of «Quai 54» and «Baku 2015 European Games» (popular street basketball competitions in France) will join the rest in Riga, Latvia. Rafal Lipek is an athlete from Poland and always impresses the crowd with new and original ways of performing dunks.

Both of this year’s athletes from the USA will compete in „Sprite Kings of Air” for the very first time. One of them is Chris Staples, who has no problem what so ever to perform a noteworthy slam dunk with his eyes closed. The second USE representative will be Jonathan Clark. He is widely known because of his acrobatic skills.

And of course, all the local supporters will be cheering for Latvia’s very own underdog – Kristaps Dargais. He will attempt to achieve the champion title at his home on Latvia. Kristaps will be joined by another local dunker who will be established during a Ghetto Games ALL STAR game on June 30.

“Sprite Kings of Air” 2015 aftermovie: https://youtu.be/vFz9pqbA8w0

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“Sprite Kings of Air” partners: Riga City Council, Freeport of Riga, Latvijas Nafta.

“Sprite Kings of Air” is made possible in cooperation with: Sprite, University of Latvia, Live Riga, Maxima, Adidas, Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation, Ovi Watch, ProBasketball, “McĀbols”.

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