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Are Milojevic and Vujanic fit for Partizan?

After signing few youngsters relatively unknown to European audience the management of BC Partizan are looking to sign some experienced players to be leaders in the forecoming season.
After losing Novica Velickovic to Real Madrid, Milenko Tepic to Panathinaikos and Stephane Lasme to Maccabi it is necessary to see some experience in the squad and it seems like there are options in Partizan's former players like Dejan Milojevic and Milos Vujanic.

It is rumored that Milojevic and Partizan have a deal stating that if player passes a couple of medical tests there will be no obstacles for them to sign 1-year contract. Milojevic stated his wish to play his last season(s) in Partizan's jersey but it remains to be seen if this arrangement can bring his signature. Reportedly, everything will be done until the end of July.

There is a big hope among Partizan supporters to see Milos Vujanic as a starting playmaker next seasson. There are news that Milos is willing to play for even less money next seasson, but some sources close to Vujosevic said that coach is not willing to sign Vujanic. It is not stated weather this is about Milos's knees status or something else, but it is said that this book is not closed yet.

As said before, it remains to be seen what will happen with this two great players. Are they going to find new contracts somewhere around Europe or will they come back to Belgrade to perform in front of Partizan's audience who see them as club legends. But it is no longer a secret that Partizan is thinking about them.

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