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Josh Childress looking for NBA options

ImageJosh Childress has authorised his agent to look into potential NBA options for him to continue his career in case he decides to leave Olympiacos and Europe.

The first team that could be interested in Josh Childress are Milwaukee Bucks, who traded their starting small forward, Richard Jefferson, to San Antonio Spurs and could now allocate up to $6 millions per year for the former Atlanta Hawks player.

However, since Josh Childress is still a restricted free-agent, Atlanta Hawks could get him back by tying any offer the player has from another NBA club. In that case the Hawks will most probably use him in a trade.

Josh Childress has a free NBA buy-out this and next summer, but he has to use it by July 15th if he wants to get out. But in any case, even if Childress finds another team after July 15th, Olympiacos will not have a problem letting him go.

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