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Printezis made his mind: Unicaja Malaga it is

ImageGreek International forward Giorgos Printezis confirmed that he has accepted Unicaja's offer in an interview to the Greek sports website sport-fm.gr while stating that he will be traveling to Spain next week to sign his contract.
Printezis said that the reason he is lelaving Olympiacos is the disagreement between the two sides regarding his contract renewal. The player wanted a three years contract worth a total of 3.6 million euros while the club offered him a two year contract worth a total of 1.5
million euros.

Printezis also hinted that coach Giannakis didn't consider him anything more than a role player whereas Unicaja's coach Aito Reneses would call him daily to make sure that he would have anything he needed in Spain.

Printezis who made it to the Greece National Team for the first time last summer confirmed that he will sign a three years contract which will make him richer by 1.15 million euros per season while he will have an NBA opt-out in the summer of 2011.

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