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TAU after Croatian 15 year old wonderkid Darijo Saric!

As the Croatian sports website sportskenovosti.hr reported today, TAU has made an initial offer of 3 million euros for the Croatian 15 year old player Darijo Saric (202cm) outbidding Real Madrid who has also previously expressed their interest in the player.

The offer is rumoured to be worth a total of 3 million euros which includes the buyout to Saric' currrent club Drazen Petrovic basketblal school and an 8 year contract.

The player's father, a former player, stated about the possible move to TAU:

"We had received an offer from Real Madrid also, but TAU's offer seems to be the most interesting one. TAU sent offered a development-based contract, and it is my belief that this offer suits a young player like Darijo better. I spoke with Duško Ivanović whom I know from my playing days and although he hasn't seen Darijo play live, he said that he had heard all the best about him. He said he will be personally in charge of his development and will give him a chance at playing for the first team in a season or two.

Naturally, this must not be taken as granted as one never knows coaches' decisions. But all things considered, letting Darijo go and sign with TAU  seems to be the best deal."

If the deal goes ahead Saric will become TAU's next project after Scola, Splitter, Teletovic etc.

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