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Olympiacos offers a 2 years contract to JR Holden

J.R. HoldenAccording to the Olympiacos affiliated Greek sports newspaper 'Protathlitis' Olympiacos has officially offered John Robert Holden a two years contract.

Although no numbers were mentioned our information estimate the worth of the two years deal to a total of 4 million euros. It is worth mentioning that JR Holden was a teammate with Olympiacos' captain and symbol player Teo Papalouas for 6 years in CSKA Moscow and would have no problems adjusting to Olympiacos backcourt.
In fact Greek A1 was the first high calibre league JR Holden played when he won the title with AEK Athens by beating Papaloukas' Olympiacos in the final series.
JR Holden is at the moment a free agent and it is yet unknown if CSKA Moscow will propose a new contract to him. As it was known since yesterday, CSKA will invest in Russian players by 2/3 of the squad, but it was not made clear if that number includes naturalised Russian players such as JR Holden.
JR Holden became a Russian citizen by decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin back in 2003 and has since had a brilliant career with the Russian NT, leading them to winning the Gold medal in Eurobasket 2007. Hence he will probably replace Milos Teodosic who is probably will be loaned to another team.
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