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Draymond Green on what Warriors need to be competitive again

Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

In a candid discussion on The Draymond Green Show, Draymond Green delved into what the Golden State Warriors need to do to regain their competitive edge.

Acknowledging the team’s evolution and aging roster, Green emphasized the importance of defining their identity moving forward.

“We changing, bro, like you said, we getting older, we are not the same basketball team that we were in 2019, or even 2022 for that matter. It changes,” Green remarked, highlighting the need for adaptation.

Green commended head coach Steve Kerr for his willingness to integrate younger talents like Jonathan Kuminga into the team’s strategy.

“I think Steve [Kerr] is doing an incredible job of where he’s becoming more open to like, Jonathan Kuminga having the ball more, like Kuminga being in the pick and roll and like running some isos for Kuminga,” Green noted.

He stressed the importance of patience and adjustment as the team transitions to a new era.

“It takes some time to adjust to that when you’ve had the level of success that we’ve had doing what we’ve done,” Green reflected, recognizing the challenge of implementing changes.

Green’s insights offer a glimpse into the Warriors’ mindset as they navigate a period of transition.

With a mix of seasoned veterans and promising young talents, the Warriors are poised to redefine themselves in the competitive landscape of the NBA.

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