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Keegan Murray: Getting better as a playmaker will be big for me because of the attention my scoring draws

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Sacramento Kings forward Keegan Murray wants to improve his playmaking ability this offseason.

(via Sacramento Kings):

Reporter: “What is it you think you need to do this summer to take that next step? And how much of this is you finding your voice to demand the ball sometimes to take that next step so you’re kinda replicating what happened here at the end of the season where they needed you more?”

Murray: “Honestly, at the end of the year, I feel like I had good moments, I’ve had moments that have been a little rough. But just being able to not be as one-dimensional, and by that I mean just not being always relying on DHOs, guys pass me the ball, things like that. Being able to play in a pick-and-roll, being able to bring the ball down the court and create something for a teammate and things like that. So it’s not always about scoring the ball, it’s about being able to play-make, and that’s something I want to get better at, because when I am scoring the ball, I do draw a lot of attention. So just making guys’ lives easier, I think that’s a big goal of mine.”

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