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George Karl mocks idea of JJ Redick as Lakers head coach

Photo: ESPN/YouTube

Former NBA coach George Karl has joined the conversation regarding the possibility of JJ Redick becoming the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

In a tweet, Karl humorously remarked on the situation, likening it to the setup of a joke, highlighting Redick’s status as a former Duke University player with no prior coaching experience.

“It’s kinda like the start of a joke… One of the most hated Dookies ever, with zero coaching experience, is offered the ultimate head coaching position with the LA Lakers…😆,” Karl tweeted.

Despite the jest, reports suggest that Redick is indeed the leading contender for the Lakers’ head coaching position.

Although Redick lacks coaching experience, Lakers officials are reportedly intrigued by his potential and are giving serious consideration to his candidacy.

Despite the skepticism surrounding Redick’s transition from player to coach, Lakers officials seem captivated by the prospect of him leading the team.

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