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Jaren Jackson Jr: Regular season wins/top 4 seeds/first round knockouts aren’t enough anymore

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Memphis Grizzlies star Jaren Jackson Jr. wants himself, Ja Morant, and Desmond Bane to take their games to the next level this summer.

(via Memphis Grizzlies):

Reporter: “You, Ja, and Des, obviously the core of this team now, all on major deals. How much do you anticipate working with them this offseason when they’re able to get back on the court? And I guess how do you feel still about the core of this team and the opportunity to win a championship in this window where you guys are all signed?”

Jackson: “We’ve been with each other for a while now and we know what we can do when we’re all out there, so I think we have a lot of confidence in that aspect, but we know that we also have to take our games to a new level to be able to win in the postseason as a unit. It’s not enough to just be able to win all these games in the regular season or be a top four seed, and go out in the first round. It’s just not enough, it’s not acceptable anymore. So looking forward to a summer of work when I’m around them, when I’m not around them, whatever… We’re always in communication about what we’re doing. We’re always getting on each other, pushing each other to work out, everybody’s working out every single day. No one ever misses a day around here, and if anyone ever thinks about missing a day, everyone’s going to get on each other about it. It’s usually pretty funny, but in reality, that’s kinda like what you need, it’s really competition. It’s funny it happens all the time, if Des sees me coming early one day, he wants to come in earlier the next day. I want to come in even earlier than him, I’m texting the staff trying to find out when Des is coming in, sneak Des, come in even earlier than Des. I saw his workout was 10 minutes longer than mine scheduled, I called him like, ‘Why is your workout longer than mine?’ Stuff like that. 12’s in here every single day, 12’s on the bike for no reason. You know what I mean? Not no reason, but for no reason, he’s just going to work out for no reason. Around guys who just… Psychos, man. There’s nothing else we know. There’s nothing else we wanna do. There’s really nothing else. We tried to do other stuff. We tried hobbies, didn’t work, you know how it is.”

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