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Bill Murray: EuroLeague is more physical than NBA

Legendary actor Bill Murray, attending this year’s EuroLeague Final Four in Berlin, Germany, shared his perspective on the league’s intensity compared to the NBA.

Murray, known for his love of basketball, expressed his excitement for EuroLeague basketball, emphasizing the heightened physicality of the game.

Reflecting on his experience at the semi-finals, Murray highlighted the passionate atmosphere in EuroLeague arenas, where fans’ enthusiastic chants and constant engagement contribute to the unique ambiance.

“Well, I hadn’t heard enough about it because it’s much more exciting in person,” Murray said about EuroLeague basketball. “Even getting into the stadium was a lot of laughs. It’s hilarious just to come through all the singing crowds and all the people who are very, very excited, very emotional. And they sing through the whole game. They shout through the whole game.”

In contrast to the NBA, Murray noted that EuroLeague games feature a more physical style of play. “Game’s more physical, I think, than the NBA game. It’s a lot more physical game,” he said.

Panathinaikos came out on top this year, defeating Real Madrid in the championship game 95-80 and claiming its seventh EuroLeague title.

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