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Pelicans would pick Dejounte Murray over Trae Young

Photo: Atlanta Hawks/Twitter

The New Orleans Pelicans reportedly prefer Dejounte Murray over Trae Young in a potential trade with the Atlanta Hawks.

The Pelicans are evaluating their options for improving their roster this offseason. According to Christian Clark of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the team has shown more interest in Murray.

Murray is seen as a better defensive fit for the Pelicans compared to Young. Additionally, Murray’s contract is considered more favorable. He is set to earn $25.5 million next season, while Young’s salary is $43 million. This difference makes Murray a more financially attractive option for New Orleans.

The Hawks are expected to make changes to their backcourt, with rumors indicating a possible split of their current duo. Despite Young’s higher talent level, teams like the Pelicans seem to favor Murray for his defensive abilities and lower contract cost.

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