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Lonzo Ball ‘healed up’ and back on court after injury

Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

Lonzo Ball’s NBA career has been plagued by injuries, but the Chicago Bulls guard is finally on the right path after sitting out for more than two years.

Ball has undergone multiple knee surgeries and hasn’t played since January 2022. In a recent episode of the “What an Experience” podcast, he discussed the challenges he’s faced during his extended recovery.

“To make a long story short, ultimately, it started with a meniscus tear, basically started on the Lakers when I tore it the first time,” Ball explained. “(I) tore it a couple more times to a point to where there was no more meniscus left. Bone on bone was rubbing. So, the cartilage was gone, and the bone was messed up.

“So, I had to get a new meniscus from a donor. I had to get a bone allograft, and I had to get some new cartilage put in as well. All that healed up, and now I’m back on the court.”

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