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Sergio Llull: “Now is a chance to win it again”

Photo: Real Madrid Basketball

Real Madrid reached another EuroLeague’s Finals, this team beating Olympiacos 87-76 in the second Semi-Final game and Sergio Llull was as calm as nothing happened.

“I think we deserved to be here, to have the chance to win the title again. We faced a good team with excellent coach but we are also a good squad, we know each other, we stayed together in every situation, and managed to get a chance to win it again. To get it two times in row”, said Llull, who thinks that first half gave them wings to dream again.

“We had them from the beginning, started our game, good defense, they din’t make some shot, maybe didn’t show what they are able to do. we used that, make a difference and ended the half calmly. in the second part, they woke up, change the tactics, but my team responded well, and here we are now”.

Llull is the one of the guys who knows how to plays finals, who knows how to approach big games, and with a huge experience in the Final Four games.

“Every game is different, but being in this situation before, helps you a lot. That want decided the winner of the game, because Olympiacos is also experienced team, they players were here last year as well. Last year we faced them in the Finals, but this year we beat them in the Semi-Finals. But again, I want to congratulate them. they faced a lot of injuries this year, but again reach the Final Four, it just show how big the club they are. As well, I want to congratulate my team, we did a great job, but our job is not over yet. Main goal is to get that trophy one again”.

In the Finals, Real Madrid will face Panathinaikos, another Greek powerhouse and Llull knows it won’t be an easy challenge.

“We will face another excellent team, they also wants to win the trophy on Sunday, and it want be an easy job for us. We need to stay humble, play our game and respect our opponent. They had good season as well, they are playing decent defense throughout the whole tournament and we need to try to brake that defense. But we need to focus on us, to play our game and hopefully it will be enough”, said Llull who was the hero of the last years Finals with only one shot, but it was the winning one.

“I don’t know what will happen last year, but I don’t mind making only one shot in exchange for my team to win. But we will see how it goes. Probably not the same, but I wish the outcome will be like the last year”, finished Llull.

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