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Sergio Rodriguez: “Being at the Final Four before helps”

Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Sergio Rodriguez, one of the key players of Real Madrid, was trilled that his team is once again participant of the EuroLeague’s Final Four, this time in Berlin.

“It’s been a long time since my first appearance at the Final Four, we didn’t perform the way that we wanted back then, but I experienced almost everything. I have ended up in every position (first, second, third and fourth). And I really believe that being here before helps”.

Last season in the EuroLeague ended in the best possible way for “El Chacho”, because his team won the trophy and he was the one of the key players during the Final Four in Kaunas. But past needs to stay in past and in Berlin is a new chapter.

“We will see what will happen this year. We are playing again Olympiacos as it was case in the Finals last year, but I think it will be totally different game. The circumstances can change in the minute, so we all need to stay humble and ready. The whole team knows how to win at the Final Four. And we need to take advantage of that, because we understand who we are and what we were doing during this season”.

Looking back the road from the last season and now, it looked like Real Madrid had easier job to qualify this season. They were first during the regular season, 3-0 in Playoffs, but they will need to win two more games in order to win the trophy two years in row.

“The format of the EuroLeague is super tough, because you need to play ten months, then play in Playoffs and then beat opponents here. Nothing that you did before counts, only two games – first semi-final and if you are lucky enough final. But we all know that, and we knew that before. And now, we will try and do whatever it takes”, said “El Chacho”.

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