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Tim MacMahon: Durant could return to OKC

Photo: Phoenix Suns/Twitter

ESPN’s Tim MacMahon proposed that the Suns could enhance their roster by trading Kevin Durant and exploring potential deals with Oklahoma City. He suggested that despite Durant’s value, trading him could yield significant returns, particularly in terms of draft picks.

While acknowledging that Oklahoma City might not be immediately interested, MacMahon highlighted Durant’s potential fit with his former team and emphasized the importance of accumulating future assets in such a trade scenario.

“I think the best way out for the Suns is certainly not what Mat Ishbia wants to hear and that would be to trade Kevin Durant… There would still be plenty of interest in Kevin Durant. My first phone call probably would be to his original home.

“I don’t know what Oklahoma City’s interest would be, but I could convince myself he would be one hell of a fit there and it wouldn’t be about the players you’re getting back, but obviously the picks in that case.”

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