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Dejounte Murray: I wanted to guard guys, but the game plan was to double DeMar

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Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray thought that double teaming Chicago Bulls star DeMar DeRozan gave other players a lot of confidence during Wednesday’s 131-116 play-in tournament road loss.

(via Atlanta Hawks):

Lauren L. Williams: “When they have so many guys that can get going at any moment in a game that can stretch defenses thin, how do you guys try to make adjustments in a game that’s just a win or go home situation?”

Murray: “I guess the game plan was they wanted to double DeMar, so you’re the players, you respect your coaches and you follow the game plan and that was the game plan. You see we was doubling DeMar, and it gave other guys confidence, and you’re in the NBA. I wish they would have missed shots. I wish they didn’t gain confidence this game, but it’s the NBA, they work hard, they’re here for a reason, so we’re doubling one of their teammates all game long. So it’s up to them to make or miss shots, and they made shots.”

Lauren L. Williams: “They put so much pressure on the paint, too. How do you guys try to help out Clint [Capela], Bruno [Fernando], and some of the other bigs down low?”

Murray: “Like I said, the game plan was we was throwing two guys at people. So whether they caught the ball, they were either taking a shot or they had a lane to drive and guys are rotating all over the place and that’s it. For me, I want to guard guys, that’s just a prideful thing for me and how I was raised. But like I said, you follow the game plan, that was the game plan. You win or lose basketball games, and we fell short.”

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