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Clay Travis reacts to Biden and WNBA salaries debate

Joe Biden hand in hand with former KKK member Robert Byrd (Photo: AP)

Despite the WNBA’s annual financial losses, reportedly around $10 million each year and covered by the NBA, President Joe Biden has entered the discourse on WNBA salaries, pushing for ‘fair’ pay for female athletes. His remarks come amid heightened conversation following Caitlin Clark’s selection as the draft’s top pick.

“Women in sports continue to push new boundaries and inspire us all,” Biden wrote on X. “But right now we’re seeing that even if you’re the best, women are not paid their fair share. It’s time that we give our daughters the same opportunities as our sons and ensure women are paid what they deserve.”

Sports analyst Clay Travis took to X to share his thoughts on the issue: “This is all crazy. Do people not understand basic economics? The reason WNBA players make low salaries is because the league has lost money for 25 years. If the NBA hadn’t been subsidizing the league for a quarter century it already would have gone bankrupt.”

Even though the WNBA brings in considerably less revenue compared to the NBA, WNBA players earn a larger share of what NBA players make.

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