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Adam Silver discusses decrease in fouls this season

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Adam Silver addressed the significant decrease in fouls and free throws in the NBA during his press conference on Wednesday. The issue was highlighted by the fact that in Tuesday’s game, the Boston Celtics did not attempt any free throws, while the Milwaukee Bucks only attempted two.

“Our teams are very happy with the state of the game, as am I,” Silver said. “And as I said, I think we’re seeing fantastic competition on the court. Last night, obviously an anomaly, but when you look at the data for this season, it’s true that as the season went on, foul calls came down, roughly, two fouls per team per game. That’s what we’re looking at. Just to put it in context, you know, roughly two fouls per team, per game.

“I think there was a sense earlier in the season that there was too much of an advantage for the offensive players, whether like Steve Kerr said, offensive players were using themselves as projectiles or hunting for fouls, however you want to call it. And so that was a point of emphasis on behalf of the league.

“We were transparent with our teams about that. Again, everyone can see what’s happening on the floor and make their own judgments about the calls being made. But, yes, you know, there was a bit of an adjustment made along the way. But again, the context is two fouls per team per game, and the end result most importantly, we think is a better game.”

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