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Terry Rozier: “I never like to make excuses”

Photo: Miami Heat/X

Terry Rozier was sidelined for the entire fourth quarter of Sunday’s game due to neck stiffness, a condition that had him listed as questionable before the match, as noted by Chiang. Rozier’s playing time was limited to just 22 minutes, during which he managed to score only four points on 2-of-7 shooting from the field.

Reflecting on his performance, Rozier admitted that although he prefers not to make excuses, he believes he shouldn’t have played that day. He expressed regret for trying to push through the discomfort in an attempt to contribute to the team, acknowledging that his decision may have negatively impacted their performance.

“I never like to make excuses, but I shouldn’t have went today,” he said. “I shouldn’t have played. I felt like I hurt the team by trying to be a warrior and get out there.”

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